size_550x415_PPL circleIn October, we introduced Under the Hood to better understand how technology oriented nonprofits in Minnesota function.

This recurring series is made possible by research partner Altrulytics and underwriter Atomic Data.  Over the coming weeks we will publish individual responses, and in the end, compile an aggregated assessment of the landscape with further analysis.

Organization name: Project for Pride in Living (PPL); program is techspark! (formerly BRIDGEdotMN)

Executive Director: Sarah Koschinska

When was it formed and for what purpose?

PPL was formed in 1972 in the Philips neighborhood to support affordable housing. Since then, it has evolved into job skills training in order to help lower income families get on the path to self-sufficiency as well as providing housing stability, employment training, education, and support services.  Our techspark! program came from BRIDGEdotMN, which started in 2010 to provide Twin Cities youth with computers, internet, and technical training.

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eCommerce Marketing Startups

TriggerboxAt a glance, TriggerBox might look like another standard email remarketing tool.

But this one carries a very specific slant — one that cofounder Ryan Lloyd says is “like having a salesperson sitting at the top of the search results page.”

“The Google Review is an underutilized marketing tool,” he explains. “It affects SEO, but more importantly it affects conversion rate.”

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Hardware IoT/M2M People Startups

Minnesota tech entrepreneur Al Baker has replaced Muhammad Abdurrahman as the CEO of Minneapolis wearable tech startup Playtabase.

Both were part of the cofounding team, Baker suggests the change aligns with the strengths of eachothers natural tendencies, Abdurrahman is now the Technology Evangelist.

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