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“The San Francisco Bay area has long reigned supreme as America’s capital for technology jobs. However, high salaries and soaring house prices are forcing some startups to cast their eyes elsewhere in search of lower costs. That has resulted in the healthy growth of technology jobs in other parts of the country.”

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Ashley GodboldWelcome to Ask An Indie where we interview local independent game developers to learn how they make, do and create.

The Indie: Ashley Godbold – Founder/CEO of Mouse Potato Games & Lead Game and Application Developer Instructor and Minnesota School of Business Richfield.

What inspired you to start making games?

The game LA Noire convinced me to go to school to learn to make the art for games. When I played this game I was in love with the fact that every store you drove by had a fully realized store front with lots of little trinkets arranged in each. Each one was so lovingly made, but it wasn’t terribly likely that you’d ever actually stop and look at each one. I decided that I wanted to do that—be the person that designed beautiful sets that would make the
player feel like they stumbled upon a hidden world.

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