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Paul DeBettigniesaka MN Headhunter — hosted a session at Minnebar last Saturday called “How To Recruit Like A Startup”.

Hiring is an ongoing concern for many local tech companies and there’s plenty room for improvement in this department from the employer’s perspective when it comes to attracting and retaining technically skilled individuals.

Sadly, some companies have become so lost around hiring these days they turn to the government for assistance, while others are pulling talent from right under their nose.

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Gov Hardware

Sensurion-Logo_Aerospace-RGB-300x98Minneapolis unmaned aircraft systems (UAS) specialist Sensurion has rasied a $2m round of equity financing per this SEC disclosure.

“Sensurion provides a comprehensive offering of UAS technologies integral to its products as well as stand-alone systems. From military-grade datalinks, robust ground control systems, and field-tested — ruggedized unmanned aircraft, to intuitive graphical user interfaces and pilot-oriented mission control systems, Sensurion technologies put users and their missions as the first priority.”

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“On April 25th, Clockwork, a Minneapolis-based interactive design and technology agency, opened an online pledge that invites members from the local tech community to commit to improving the diversity within the industry. Clockwork is asking agencies, corporations, small businesses, and software companies to join them in changing the workforce to be more inclusive of underrepresented communities like women, people of color, and LGBTQ.”

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