Hiring Trends From Inside Minnesota’s VC/PE-Backed Tech Firms [part 4]

peopleBetween February [2] and June of 2016, we looked at hiring trends from inside a number of VC/PE-backed Minnesota tech firms using visual data sourced from LinkedIn.

Coming back to that roughly one year later, here are some fresh hiring trends from inside some of Minnesota’s most funded tech firms: Code42 ($137m VC), Jamf ($30m PE), Ability Network ($550m PE), RedBrickHealth ($75m VC), Leadpages ($38m VC), Zipnosis ($20m VC), When I Work ($25m VC), Bright Health ($80m).

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gener8tor Opens Applications For Summer Accelerator In Minneapolis


gener8torTech accelerator gener8tor has opened the application window for founders considering an immersive 12 week startup experience this summer.

Operated from CoCo Uptown by new Managing Director of Minnesota, Eric Martell, the program begins in July and lasts through October with a tentative demo day during Twin Cities Startup Week.

They offer accepted startups 90k upfront for 6% equity with an additional convertible note in exchange for hands on guidance in preparation for follow-on funding.

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Q1 2017 Capital Review: 22 Ventures Raised ~$51 Million


dundee research underwriterAt least 22 different Minnesota tech ventures received a combined $51m of investment capital during the first quarter of 2017 according to information collected and analyzed from January 1 – March 31, 2017.

This research underwritten by Dundee Venture Capital provides our readers with unparalleled transparency into the funding facts of Minnesota’s tech industry.

It’s compiled from multiple sources as proxy of local market activity: crowdfunding, incubators/accelerators, angel investments, venture capital, corporate arm and private equity. Consider it a worse case scenario as there are always undisclosed transactions not included; therefore the actual figures are higher, although unknown.

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IoTFuse Is About To Light Up Minneapolis


IoT FuseIoTFuse is about to light up Minneapolis on April 21 when nearly 1,000 people head to the Minneapolis Convention Center for the third annual conference.

With all these hobbyists, hackers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and executives — it’s impossible to spend a day at this event and not walk away brighter.

From homegrown startups like 75F and Macchina to the giants of Amazon, Best Buy and Microsoft — their lineup is deep and diverse.  IoT (and its M2M kin) are permeating world industries from right here in Minnesota.

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~3/4 Readers: “Innovation” Is Dead

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.38.17 AM220 readers cast a vote over the past two weeks in our March meta poll: Is “Innovation” dead or alive?

71% say “Innovation” is dead, 17% say “Innovation” is alive, and 11% are on the fence about it.

This poll was not about the actual act of inventing/ improving on a new idea, device or method (once a definition of innovation) — rather the abuse of a word in tech that’s become so diluted it no longer has any meaning to it.

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PubConf Is Crashing Nomad World Pub Next Month

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 2.08.20 PM

London, Oslo, Sydney…Minneapolis.

PubConf is crashing Nomad World Pub on April 21 when a gaggle of humans tackle technical themes armed with nothing but their best attempts at humor.

Pick an esoteric topic, dissect that into 20 slides that automatically change every 15 seconds, sprinkle some shenanigans on top — and who knows what comes out?

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