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Minnesota Startup Yonder Is Using Tech To Protect World Travelers


Yonder“Are you covered by your health insurance policy when you leave the country?” posits entrepreneur and international traveler Ryan Skoog.

“We found that about 80% of policies don’t provide coverage outside the US while about 80% of people think theirs does. This paradox presents a big problem.”

Together with Terry Boynton, the two were traveling in Nepal on a mission trip when they realized just how fortunate their lives are. Travel is essential to understanding more than just a geography — but to mankind as a whole.

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OneMedNet Raises Half A Million For Medical Imaging Software


screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-8-07-02-amEden Prairie-based OneMedNet has raised $500k in equity investment per this SEC disclosure.

Formed in 2006, OneMedNet specializes in the exchange of medical imaging. Their flagship BEAM software suite features an array of features for providers and patients to securely and quickly share information across a number of devices and networks.

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Repeat Entrepreneur Mary Meehan Is Working On Her Next Big (Data) Thing

Mary Meehan

Mary Meehan, Cofounder and CEO, Metametrix.

“I’ve always had more ideas to work on,” says Mary Meehan, explaining her motivation to start another company.

“It’s like a gift and a curse…this entrepreneurship thing…but I just love solving problems.”

Though Meehan is not a formally trained social scientist, she’s spent over a quarter century thinking like one, and capitalizing on her experiments along the way.

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SportsTech Startup Player’s Health Scores Distribution Deal With US Club Soccer


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.15.23 AMMinneapolis sports tech startup Player’s Health has partnered with US Club Soccer — a national organization and member of the United States Soccer Federation that aims to advance soccer through the development and support of soccer clubs for all ages and genders.

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