Minnesota Tech Exec of the Year 2016: Cheri Beranek

by The TECHdotMN Team


Cheri Beranek is our Minnesota Tech Exec of the Year 2016

Clearfield’s success this year, with a stock price up ~48%, isn’t a flash in the pan for CEO Cheri Beranek, it’s the culmination of nearly ten years ongoing effort. If CEO of the decade was a thing, then Beranek is built to last.

Growth in the technology sector near and far has been made possible by fiber optical networks to the home, the office, the coffee shop, the hotel room, and everywhere in between.  Connectivity is everything in today’s world: we all want whatever we want whenever we want it. Oh, and make it even faster when there’s money on the line.

The higher level of connectivity, the more productive companies are. The communities where high speed broadband is available are the ones where the jobs are going and staying.  Behind the science of telecommunications, which we tend to just take for granted, is a local business that’s delivering success with the numbers to prove it.

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Minnesota Tech Community Champion 2016: Glafira Marcon

by The TECHdotMN Team



Glafira Marcon is our Minnesota Tech Community Champion 2016

When Healthcare.MN was formed in 2013 by entrepreneurs and for entreprenuers, it marked a movement in Minnesota at the convergence of healthcare and technology. For two years, group founders — Pete Kane, Thompson Aderinkomi, and Solome Tibebu — built their meetup to fast become the place for health tech startups to gather, to learn, and to launch.

As time passed, so did their leadership. Kane and Tibebu gravitated to the coasts while Aderinkomi went all in on his fledgling startup.  Yet Healthcare.MN didn’t stagnate or wither away throughout these changes, instead, the growing pains have since brought out the best in this community under the new direction of volunteer Glafira Marcon.

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Perforce Hires New VP / General Counsel From Fredrikson & Byron



Via News Release

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-9-17-08-am“MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 12, 2016 — Perforce Software, a leader in software change and application lifecycle management solutions, today announced the appointment of Sara Kilian as Vice President and General Counsel.  With more than 11 years of corporate legal experience, Kilian comes to Perforce from Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., where she was a partner, and represented private equity companies, closely-held companies, and family-owned companies in various stages of a company’s life cycle.”

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Minnesota Ecommerce Startup Atique Launches A Pair of VR Apps

by Guest


screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-36-22-amBy Tyler Gieseke

A jewelry showroom that customers can explore from the comforts of home is a now a virtual reality, thanks to the launch of local startup Atique’s new apps on iOS and Android.

The free apps give online shoppers access to a 360-degree showroom using their smartphones just in time for the holidays. With a Google Cardboard or similar VR headset hardware, they can get the fully immersive three-dimensional VR experience.

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Q&A With Perforce CEO Janet Dryer on the Seapine Acquisition

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By Arnav Joshi

Perforce Software moved corporate headquarters from California to Minnesota over the summer as former HelpSystems CEO Janet Dryer took the CEO role.

Formed in 1995, the company specializes in version management and collaboration software for the enterprise, now with 300 global employees across six offices.

With backing from PE firm Summit Partners Perforce acquired Ohio-based Seapine Software earlier this month; Dryer expanded on the deal for us thanks to our M&A underwriter Franklin Partners.

Franklin Partners

How did you get to know Seapine and what was the primary appeal?

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