Q1 2013 Capital Review: Minnesota tech ventures raised $28m+


pile-of-moneyAt least 24 Minnesota tech ventures raised in excess of $28 million dollars in the first quarter of 2013, according to information collected and analyzed from Jan 1 through March 31, 2013.

The data includes on the record activity compiled from multiple sources and actual numbers are estimated to be 20%+ higher according to investors who are not inclined to disclose their investment activity publicly. While imperfect, it’s a solid proxy of current local funding activity and trends — considered a worse case scenario.

As a comparison — in Q1 2012, 24 companies raised $58.6m, heavily skewed by one anomalous $52.5m deal; a more balanced comparison would be that 23 companies raised $6.1m in Q1 2013. The largest deal of Q1 was UpdateLogic ($10.9m), followed by Cachet ($7.9m) and Conservis ($1.46m).

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Updated: 19 Minnesota Tech Ventures Raised $35m in Q2 2011

by Zach Robins



According to our 2011 second quarter analysis, at least 17 19 early stage Minnesota technology firms received investment capital during April, May and June.


Updated 8/4/11: Three additions to our Q2 2011 Minnesota tech investment analysis:

Roughly $26.5m $35m in funding was attributed to Minnesota’s high tech sector, largely skewed by health IT firm Ability Network’s $20m round $27m round.  Ability’s raise was the largest tech deal Minnesota has seen since January 2010, when Cymbet raked in $31m for thin film rechargeable batteries. The remaining 16 18 startups raised roughly $6.5m $8m combined, for an average round of $405k $445k.

When contrasted against last quarter’s analysis, both the number of transactions (-15%) (-10%) and the aggregate funding volume are down (-30%) (-8%), although the average deal size is up slightly.

This analysis supports the full spectrum of financing ($25k+), regardless of stage or definition (angel, seed, series A etc.) and many startups are currently fundraising. While we attempt to compile the most complete set of data, it remains imperfect as unreported transactions occur.

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Innovation: Dead or Alive?

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Over $60m Raised by Minnesota High Tech Ventures in 2010

by Zach Robins


moneytreeDespite a year’s worth of articles bemoaning the condition of U.S. venture capital investing (see here and here and here), venture capital firms invested $21.8 billion nationally in 2010 (3,277 total investments), according to the National Venture Capital Association & PwC’s annual MoneyTree report.

This represents a 19% increase in dollars invested over 2009.

Minnesota’s 2010 story ends quite differently. Cross-sector startups raised a collective $140 million, marking a 48% drop from 2009, and the lowest Minnesota amount since the MoneyTree reporting began 15 years ago.

For 2010, TECHdotMN documents 42 unique high tech deals (IT, SaaS, web/mobile, digital media, hardware, telecom), totaling in excess of $60m invested in Minnesota-based technology companies throughout last year. Excluding Cymbet’s $31m round, 36 different ventures raised approximately $30m combined in 2010, or $857k per average round, according to the data.*

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