7 Medical Systems [$7MED]


7 Medical Systems, LLC is a leading, nation-wide provider of on-demand software, technology and IT services to the healthcare industry. Our program enables companies to outsource the dedicated expertise and infrastructure necessary to make business applications, including EMR and digital imaging, run smoothly across all seven layers. 7 Medical's deployment and customer care strategy allows customers to be up and running quickly and on-demand services are hosted in 7 Medical's secure, redundant data center that ensures 24/7 trouble-free operation and support with inherent disaster recovery benefits. Healthcare organizations trade in hefty capital expenses for affordable monthly usage fees—paying only for what they use.

7 Medical provides small and medium healthcare practices with a turnkey solution for managing mission-critical business applications and network infrastructure. Our consultative approach includes network planning and configuration, systems engineering and optimization, risk management, rapid deployment, around-the-clock support and ongoing upgrades. As your business partner, we take care of your IT systems so that you can focus on meeting the needs of your patients.