New Counsel [$NEWC]


We are business attorneys serving the needs of entrepreneurs and companies that market technology or rely on it for strategic advantage. We cater to the needs of the technology industry through our broad and deep experience, our diligence, and our competitive fees. The technology industry is our passion. We avidly follow new technology, new companies, industry talent, and the capital markets. We help develop entrepreneurs and companies by making introductions and giving our time to industry events and education. Our technology law experience enables us to give exceptional service. Chances are if you have technology law issue, we have seen it before and know how to handle it quickly and efficiently. We do not employ associates or extensive support staff, and thus can keep our rate structure relatively low. If you have a problem which requires extensive legal staff or a specialist, or involves litigation, we can still help. We have working and referral relationships with several large national law firms, including patent prosecution, trademark, and litigation specialists. Finally, we are committed to addressing legal fees openly. We do not want there to be any surprises.