Ability Network


ABILITY Network is helping create a healthier America by transforming how care is delivered using the Internet. Over the last ten years, we have been working in the background connecting thousands of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, clinics, and tens of thousands of physicians across the country with each other, and with the nation’s largest payer: Medicare. By earning the trust of our healthcare providers and the federal government each day, we have built the largest, web-based secure healthcare network in the country which now facilitates millions of transactions every day. Today, a majority of the large provider organizations across the country, including over 3,000 hospitals, as well as many leading healthcare technology companies, trust ABILITY to communicate with their healthcare partners. The healthcare landscape is changing and our national commitment to extend care efficiently to every corner of our country has motivated our innovation of important clinical network services. ABILITY helps caregivers manage the fragmented nature of most clinical records by providing clinical visibility across the nation to strive toward a complete medical record. Each of us at ABILITY are passionate about the impact our network has on improving patient care and safety, leading to better patient outcomes, more efficient care delivery, and less expensive overall treatment. Join us in elevating the healthcare conversation.