Andcor Companies [$ANDC]


Andcor Companies, Inc. has been helping build extraordinary emerging companies within a broad array of industries through customized professional search services and strategic organizational design and development. In any business, but especially in an entrepreneurial environment, Andcor believes people are the core of a company's ultimate success. In order to transform vision into reality, emerging companies must attract, motivate, and retain a world-class management team possessing: * Shared Vision * Complementary Skills * Mutual Trust and Respect Unlike other companies in the industry, Andcor shares in both the risk and reward of growing companies. Andcor is a shareholder in approximately 80% of our clients through a unique partnership arrangement of encouraging clients to pay a portion of their fees in equity. Andcor's equity-for-services and customized pay-for-performance business models best illustrates our resourcefulness and dedication to clients' success.