Argos Risk


At Argos Risk we believe your business deserves to get paid! Unless you're paid in advance for goods or services, you're essentially making unsecured loans to your customers and clients leaving your company vulnerable to accounts-receivable aging, bad debt and defaults. So how do you know which customers or potential customers put you at the greatest risk? The good news for small-to-mid-sized businesses: Argos Risk Online is a new, easy-to-use web based tool that lets you understand exactly who you're doing business with. Argos Risk Online can help you identify and interpret the warning signs that may mean trouble ahead ― before they impact your bottom line. Were here to help you know who you're selling to, buying from and competing against. To make it easier for you determine between good credit risk and risk itself. To provide information that supports sound business decisions and appropriate actions. To make this service affordable to any business that just wanted to get paid.