Fitness On Demand [$FOND]


The Fitness On Demand™ kiosk is a sleek, enterprise-grade, touchscreen computer that is wall-mounted near your fitness space. Recognized as the industry’s most adaptable platform, the FOD™ kiosk can integrate with any audio or video solution of your choice. The FOD™ kiosk is the perfect balance of aesthetic and technology. A bright edge-to-edge glass interface is enough to entice users yet chic enough to complement your environment. Historically, the virtual group fitness marketplace has offered its customer only two, very contrasted, solutions; Settle for a mini-computer lacking many critical functions for engaging your audience or pay a steep price for a bulky, complex, more proprietary model. Finally, FOD™ has developed the industry’s only fully functional delivery platform, engineered distinctly for the purpose of implementing virtual group fitness in a commercial setting. The FOD™ kiosk can be purchased or provided to you at no charge with a qualifying monthly service plan.