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Flying Word


See.Hear.Touch.Reading plain text is so 16th Century. At FlyingWord, Inc.™ we believe you should be able to See, Hear, and Touch literature. We take existing and new literary works and enhance them to include fantastic illustrations, 3D graphics and animations, audio performances, ambient sound, sound effects, and multi-touch interactions that enable readers to explore topics and interact with their favorite books in a whole new way.

The Flying Word Platform:Since Gutenberg invented moveable type more than 500 years ago publishing and reading hasn't changed much. Until now. Building on the foundation of modern technologies like Apple's iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch) FlyingWord, Inc. intends to lead the next major paradigm shift in reading through patented technologies and a versatile publishing platform specifically designed for books you can See, Hear, and Touch.

Publisher Solutions:FlyingWord, Inc.™ works with book publishers, authors, and illustrators from around the world to enhance new and existing content with full audio performances, beautiful 2D and 3D graphics, animations, and touch interactions. Producing a book you can See, Hear, and Touch requires a combination of skills and knowledge that spans publishing, software, film, and music. It's like no other industry. We help our publishing partners transition to this new medium by handling design, development, and production of fully interactive books.