Big data analytics for the "Internet of Things" in the cloud. There are six key functional areas of the platform as it relates to your data…. 1) Collect it. From dozens, hundreds, or millions of locations. 2) Store it. The platform can work on up to 86,000,000 data points from each stream, or 2 years of 1 second resolution data. 3) Analyze it. A strong analytics package allows you to derive streams from you actual streams, handles complex mathematical and Boolean calculations, and monitors up to 80 different statistics per stream. 4) Visualize it. A robust, highly customizable dashboard technology allows you to create the visual tools you need. 5) Share it. Allow access to your dashboards, use widgets to embed graphics in websites, send embedded data in emails, send HTTP calls or SMS, email, and other alerts 6) Act on it. Manually act on alerts or develop two way communication with devices.