HelpSystems develops, markets, and supports the world’s leading software solutions for the IBM System i. HelpSystems may be the most focused company you will ever deal with. We specialize in providing you with a constant stream of innovative products that help make your System i the most powerful and efficient system for your needs. This total dedication to our customers brings our System i expertise directly to your workplace. Since 1982, HelpSystems has helped automate data centers HelpSystems was founded in 1982 when Dick Jacobson began selling a small program he’d written—called Robot/38—that automated job scheduling on the System/38. Over the years Robot was enhanced and more products were added to the product line and quality came to the forefront. In 1992, HelpSystems became the first software company in the United States to be certified under the ISO 9001 standard, and now is certified to comply with the updated 9001:2000 standard. HelpSystems constantly strives to improve our products and our processes.