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Indigo Identityware


Indigo Identityware(formally Sig-Tec Corp) is a growing leader in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry. Indigo is unique, in that we are not just a single sign-on (SSO). Indigo is a Secure Identity Manager integrated with a Real-time SSO. Indigo offers advanced software that simultaneously addresses each function of a comprehensive, highly secure IAM process. Our technologically superior product, Identityware, eliminates the need to update and remember innumerable passwords and is the only real-time single sign-on in the industry. Identityware resides within the enterprise as an extension of the Windows operating system and our lightweight software-only architecture stores and manages user credentials within the client enterprise versus on a network server with 3rd party databases. The result is a totally unique, revolutionary secure identity and single sign-on system with countless customer benefits and competitive differentiators.