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LeagueSafe is an on-line escrow service that secures and manages fantasy leagues' finances. In a nutshell, it's PayPal for fantasy leagues. In the preseason, league fees are deposited in a FDIC-insured bank account, where they stay throughout the season. At the end of the season, LeagueSafe returns 100% of the league fees to the league. We've built a unique security measure that strictly governs the payout to league winners at the end of the year. Before your league pays its winners, teams will vote on a Payment Authorization Method (PAM). The PAM is designed to control the balance of power the league commissioner has in assigning winnings to team owners. If your league’s owners want to have a say in how your end–of–season funds are distributed, they can. LeagueSafe was founded with the purpose of legitimizing the entire process–from collecting entry fees to ensuring that they are distributed at the end of the season with your league members' approval.