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Let's Go [$LETS]


The world has enough apps helping people find dates, but what the world doesn't have and needs, is a solution to helping people build great relationships after you meet the right person. Why? Finding and building meaningful relationships is not easy. While 70% of singles are seeking a serious relationship, finding a date has become harder than ever and 55% of singles did not find a date in 2017 according to Match’s Annual Single survey. Even once a relationship is formed, maintaining a meaningful connection can be a challenge, but according to a 2015 Pew Research study of American couples the #1 way to a successful relationship is having shared interests.

Our Unique Value Proposition – We believe sharing great experiences around common interests builds the best relationships. The Let’s Go app offers singles and couples, a seamless solution to crafting perfect date experiences without hard work, creativity and a large budget on their end.