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Little Acorn Shave Co [$ACOR]


Little Acorn Shave Co. is an innovative product company with GREAT NEWS for the 83 Million women who shave… Our new online shave club is introducing a dramatically improved way for women to shave that eliminates nicks, cuts & skin irritation while reducing shave time & allowing women to feel more confident & beautiful than ever, inside AND out. Our one-of-a-kind razor is 45% longer than other razors and is designed to create the ideal pressure for a woman’s body because of the ‘flex feature’ built into the neck area of the razor. The rigid razors women use now apply too much pressure and remove layers of skin that ultimately cause irritation and razor burn because they simply replicate men’s razors but show up in pink and purple colors. Behind the exceptional shave experience is a community driven company that is dedicated to inspiring women to accept that they are enough and own their true beauty through the power of positive word affirmations & encouraging messaging.