LocaLoop [$LOOP]


LocaLoop is a fast growing Internet software technology and cloud service company closing the 4G+ service availability gap for rural markets. It is the first cloud service vendor that is selling a turnkey 4G+ business solution specifically invented for operators serving rural markets of the world. LocaLoop’s patented cloud technology eliminates legacy on-premises business software and core network capabilities and enables a fast profitable business case for communications service providers while delivering an optimized broadband Internet user experience for their subscribers. LocaLoop is utilizing software defined network (SDN) technology and has virtualized the required business and network management functions end-to-end for operators to use when deploying and running a 4G+ Business that scales seamlessly. LocaLoop’s automated B2B2C/B solution with Business, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Service Creation, Delivery and e-Billing platform was built and runs within Microsoft'