Maverick Software Consulting


Maverick Software Consulting is a first-of-its-kind academia-meets-corporate America partnership, bringing together top computer science students from campuses across the Midwest with companies seeking U.S.-based software development and software testing talent.

Companies partnering with Maverick realize the following benefits and more:

  • High-performing students from colleges and universities in the U.S. fill their entry-level IT shortage
  • Maverick handles all training and administrative tasks
  • Maverick provides a presence on campus for your company
  • Maverick rates are comparable to offshore contractors, with higher productivity
  • Hiring Maverick students full time post-graduation provides a seamless, efficient transition
  • Work with students from across the Midwest, locally or remotely
  • Maverick‚Äôs process and automated systems means you have access to top talent year-round