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Omcare [$OMCH]


Ōmcare is a health technology company. We deliver remote care and real medication adherence. We do this by extending the reach of the caregiver thru our proprietary interactive IoT technologies - promising right pill, right time, right person. By partnering with pharmacies, payers, providers and family caregivers we help people live healthier, more vibrant, independent lives. If independence is freedom, then Ōmcare is liberating the essence of life and empowering independence in more ways than one each and every day. The Ōmcare Telemed System, scheduled for release in early 2019, offers caregivers of all types – physicians, pharmacists and family – the ability to see, speak to, and confirm appropriate medication from anywhere. A variety of call center options will be offered to provide an added connection, when a loved one or clinician cannot be there. After all, there’s no true substitution for connecting one-to-one. Ōmcare. Be there from anywhere.