Deadpool Bootstrapped



We’re glad you found us and hope you love PickPointz as much as we do. We are regular guys who just really like sports and entertainment. We have a lot of background running large points based loyalty programs and one day decided that they are all pretty much the same and quite boring. While sitting in the stands at a game, we looked around and saw everyone was on their phones. It didn’t take long to conclude that it would be cool to come up with something for fans to do during downtime. Everything we looked at already available was either too complicated or too simplistic. Guessing if a batter is going to swing at the next pitch doesn’t really keep your attention for long. Our goal was to offer something that was interesting, entertaining and rewarding; something that complimented the game without getting in the way of the game; something that could be fun, free and yes, rewarding, not just for a single game but for an entire season. The result was PickPointz; a game within the game. We promise to continually improve and enrich the PickPointz experience. We have lots of ideas that we’ll bring to the game in the coming years. In the meantime, enjoy…and let us know what you think. We are really good listeners.