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SparkWeave is a Minneapolis, MN based startup that was founded in November of 2010. Our applications are hosted on the SparkWeave Private Cloud and deliver the gateway access end-users demand, bringing control back to the IT department. SparkWeave applications include; secure email, secure file transfer, and secure file syncing.

Our Private Cloud is a virtualized platform hosted in the customer's data center. The Private Cloud provides core features across all SparkWeave applications. The developers’ REST API allows you to leverage the SparkWeave Private Cloud with 3rd party or custom applications. The SparkWeave Private Cloud offers elastic scalability, mass user roll-out, encryption, compliance, built in resilience (RAIN, RAID), rapid deployment (minutes), prepackaged applications, and byte level de-duplication. The Private Cloud offers virtualization across locations, machines and people and is CPU agnostic, storage agnostic, network agnostic, location agnostic, and internal/external user agnostic. SparkWeave takes the mystery and complexity out of the private cloud.

It’s the ideal solution for businesses and enterprises that require complete control and visibility of the data entering and leaving their networks.