Star Tribune


StarTribune is the #1 media company in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and the state of Minnesota. StarTribune provides news, information and entertainment via print, online, mobile and events. Startribune is the dominant local print media with many awards to its credit and the Sunday paper is in the Top 10 among US newspapers for circulation. is the dominant local website, recently surpassing 91 million page views in one month. Some 6 million unique users visit the site monthly. While most registered users are from the Mpls/St. Paul metro areas, a significant amount are from Greater Minnesota, the surrounding states (Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas), and from places around the country including a large population in California. is the fastest-growing entertainment publication and website ( in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Focusing on music, art, fashion, food, events, games and more, the primary demographic is Gen X/Y (21-35). In addition, StarTribune reaches people through other outlets including; search engine marketing (SEM), mobile phones, email newsletters, specialty publications and various partnerships. Advertising products include: