The Barrier Group


The Barrier Group is dedicated to bringing tomorrow’s network security technologies and solutions to the market today. After several years of research and product development, a team of IT professionals created a revolutionary approach to comprehensive network security that achieves unmatched effectiveness — Barrier1. This ground-breaking product set features an appliance that is easily installed and incorporates industry-recognized security technologies. These state-of-the-art technologies are complemented by patent-pending AARE software to holistically analyze, correlate and interpret data received from the Barrier1 components as well as critical points from the network itself. Barrier1 is able to listen, learn, predict and react, making it the leading intelligent threat management (ITM) product on the market. Through the 24/7 analysis of real-time network activities, The Barrier Group provides preemptive protection to its customers’ networks by continually evolving its security software. The Barrier1 series of appliances recognizes and protects against the evolving strategies of all forms of attackers and intruders while providing uninterrupted access to the Internet. The Barrier Group has earned the trust of customers throughout the country. Today, Barrier1 is protecting banks, county governments, K-12 school districts, colleges, hospitals and multinational corporations.