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Veiled Games


Veiled Games has been making mobile apps for the iPhone and iOS platform since the first SDK. We love creating fun and beautiful ways to interact with the devices that are changing everything. Our passion is to unlock the fun and function in these tiny wonders we keep in our pockets. Veiled Games is an indie game studio, a mobile app developer, a custom app builder, and at all times busy. Keep an eye out for our cool new games, or get ahold of us to talk about making your mobile app. We've set up shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When we're not fighting the cold, or pulling long hours, you can find us planning out games for our big notebook of ideas, or poking at old ones to get a little more performance. Our company is devoted to quality mobile apps. Whether it's our own apps, or a collaborative project with a client, we've learned one thing about the market: it has to be good.