The Future of UX is Product Design


Nurturing a digital product over time allows any user experience professional a greater ability to engage and learn from their users. By being the voice of the user in a self-organized, cross-functional product team, professionals center around business objectives and find win-wins for all. Join us as we dig into the world of user experience as it evolves in agile product environments. We’ll discuss the value of product design, dual track discovery, benchmarking studies, and continuous listening as part of the next evolution of what it means to be a UX practitioner. Not working in this kind of environment (yet)? That’s cool too – Alison will help give some takeaways for how to apply some of the principles to your current working environment. About the presenter: Alison Beattie is a fiery Scot interested in making digital experiences better for humans. As Director of UX at Target she leads teams creating the future of Target’s mobile apps and registry products. She also leads local no


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