Game Design for HoloLens by Zach Wendt

The current HoloLens is aimed and priced only for business adoption. So, a profitable game market doesn't exist. But, the totally unique hardware capabilities (and limitations) have already given rise to game designs and interactions that aren't possible in VR, or AR on devices like phones or Tango. So, think of this more of a preview of the future - when these capabilities start showing up in more affordable devices late 2017 and 2018.

Adaptive Audio: What Video Games and The Performing Arts Can Learn From Each Other by Benji Inniger

Video games and the performing arts have a lot to offer audiences. One of the aspects that makes them unique is the use of adaptive audio and music. Video games have many strengths that could benefit theatre audiences and visa versa. This session will explore audio design strategies that can capitalize on the strengths of each of these art forms to create compelling and immersive audio design.

Benji Inniger is a composer and sound designer from North Mankato. His theatre design experience includes Des Moines Metro Opera, Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Guthrie Theater, The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, Trinity Repertory Company and Brown University. He also works as a a freelance video game and media composer and sound designer and Associate Professor of Theatre at Bethany Lutheran College.

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