Supporting Startups and Making Money


Supporting Startups and Making Money: How Syndicate Funds & Angel Groups Work

Join Brett Brohl from The Syndicate Fund and Dave Russick & Chris Reedy from Gopher Angels for a discussion on how to get started with angel investing. Investing in early stage startups does not have to be a black box! Angel groups are a proven channel and syndicate funds provide a new approach that make it easier for new investors to get their start! A few questions we will dive into: What is a syndicate fund? What is an angel group? How do they work? What are the benefits and pitfalls of each? What are the financial implications of each? What style is right for you? Where do the deals come from?

Q&A will follow a short presentation. Know someone that is interested in investing in startups? Bring a friend to learn more. Our goal is to educate potential investors so they are more comfortable stepping off the sideline. Activating new angel capital is a key to a strong startup ecosystem.


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