No matter what your experience level, creating a UX portfolio can be a daunting task. When working on your portfolio, do you find yourself, "What are hiring managers looking for anyway?" And how do you handle that tricky NDA issue? How many projects should you include? How do you represent your portion of the design? What if you don't have much experience? How do you put together a UX portfolio when you have dabbled in UX, but currently have some other title?

In this month's meeting, industry leaders from the UX community will participate in a panel discussion will answer these burning questions and more. The experts will talk about what they are looking for in UX portfolios, how they want job candidates to talk about their work, and what it takes to persuade them to interview or hire a candidate based on their portfolio.


Hosted by

UXPA Minnesota


Prime Digital Academy
301 4th Ave. S., Suite 577
Minneapolis, MN