Artificial Intelligence & Computational Propaganda


So much of the marketing press related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days feels quite fluffy. Chatbots and smart virtual assistants are all the rage and represent the new Shiny Objects of the day. But what if AI is not all rainbows and butterflies? What if it's not as harmless as Mark Zuckerberg espouses but rather is more on the "Elon Musk predicting Skynet is a definite reality" side of the spectrum? Related, how is AI impacting our daily lives at work? On social media? In our lives as U.S. and global citizens?

For our final monthly event of 2017, we're excited to go outside the norm and bring in a true thought leader from Washington D.C. to stir the pot and perhaps freak us out a little (or a lot). Our speaker, Matt Chessen, Senior Technology Policy Advisor with the U.S. Department of State is a former marketer turned technology diplomat that specializes in artificial intelligence, computational propaganda, cognitive security, and machine-driven communications. Bring your questions to what we think will be one of our more thought provoking events of the year.


Southern Theater
1420 S Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN