DevOps Minneapolis


Everybody wants to orchestrate containers, but where to begin? Spencer Krum takes us through a simple case study using Kubernetes (with bonus Let's Encrypt). Deploying a simple node.js app on kubernetes:

We built an app called PUBG Rotisserie. It scans streamers on and determines which PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) streamer is closest to victory and shows that to the user. I'll talk about the deployment pipeline and Kubernetes configuration we use to run the app. I'll explain how we've evolved our Kubernetes deployment over the past month of running this application, and how we've incorporated Let's Encrypt. Try it out at

Spencer Krum is a Developer Advocate at IBM. He writes Python applications to analyze esports and deploys them on Kubernetes. Before that, he administered the development infrastructure for OpenStack and wrote a book on Puppet. He lives and works in Minneapolis. He likes cheeseburgers and tennis. Thanks to SPS Commerce for the venue and Perforce for sponsoring food and drink!


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