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Hacks & Hops Presents: AMBUSHED! Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Join FRSecure’s CEO, Evan Francen, for a behind-the-scenes look at the many ways black hat hackers can violate your company’s security for either personal gain or maliciousness. Then join FRSecure’s Director of Technical Services, Stefan Dorn, and his team of white hat hackers, Team AMBUSH, for a panel discussion on how they ethically compromise security systems to help companies improve their defenses.

Enjoy light appetizers and Surly beer while you experience simulated attacks, hear firsthand accounts of actual security breaches and see exactly how a hacker can easily infiltrate your organization. Try your hand at hacker challenges including cryptography, lock picking and more. As a member of the audience, you might even be part of a simulated attack!


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Surly Brewing
520 Malcolm Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN