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Data is huge in IoT. Where does it come from? How is it stored? and What do you do with it? IoT Devices collect massive amounts of data from the real world. How are companies collecting the data an why? How are they storing it, and how are they making sense of it all? Please join us to discuss this topic with our speakers, Robert Metcalf with IBM and Matt Koropchak with Flexential. Robert Metcalf (IBM) is a results-oriented architect and software engineer with a passion and purpose for systems and software. Robert is a resourceful, relentless, and customer-focused software engineer with a balanced blend of hands-on technical work, leadership skills, and a bias for action. Background includes enterprise architecture, cloud technologies, all aspects of web development, and bringing products to market that impact the bottom line. Matt Koropchak (Flexential) is a seasoned IT sales manager with over 20 years of high tech sales experience. Track record of business growth and meeting/exceeding sales goals. Deep expertise in selling complex hardware, software, and services solutions to Fortune 500 companies.


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