Ansible Minneapolis Meetup


Ansible is a great tool for configuration management and other ad hoc orchestration tasks, but it can do a lot to help provision your cloud infra as well! I want to be clear up front, I've leveraged Ansible to drive AWS infrastructure and the module support here is very good. I have not used Ansible for Azure or GCP, but many of the strategies I've used translate well.

Some of the things I'll get into during this session include...

  • Setting up your Ansible controller to interact with AWS
  • Examining 3 different strategies for inventories (1 static and 2 dynamic)
  • High level discussion of variable structure and advice on how to grow sanely over time
  • Example implementations of some common interactions with VPC, EC2, ELBs, Route53 and Cloudwatch
  • Open question period on other AWS services that you might want to target
  • A few other tips, tricks, and lessons I've learned along the way



400 North 1st Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55441