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Are you unsure about whether your big idea has legs? Or maybe you’re confident your idea has a positive ROI but you’re not sure how to design and deliver it. This talk will illustrate how a Thomson Reuters team went from concept to prototype to customer interviews in a couple weeks using a Discovery Sprint (aka google design sprint). In this talk you’ll learn how the Discovery Sprint focuses the team on idea and design discovery more than delivering the next software increment. In many cases, it’s hard to know, with a high degree of certainty, what the next most valuable software work is when the ideas and designs haven’t been tested with real customers. You’ll learn how one team found value in taking a break from delivery the next software increment in order to test their ideas before building them. They found out which ideas resonated with their customers and whether their designs were intuitive to them. This customer feedback allowed the team to move more confidently forward with feasibility, solutioning, and software implementation expected to have a positive ROI.

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