Twin Cities Ecommerce Meetup


Matt Johnson is the co‐founder and CEO of Omnia fishing - a new online tackle retailer that has introduced the first hyper geo-specific shopping experience to defragment the $5B US tackle industry:

Matt is also the co‐founder of Able Seedhouse and Brewery in NE Minneapolis and Animales Barbecue restaurant recently ranked as a Minneapolis best new restaurant my MSP Mag. Matt was also the co-founder and CEO of Contour Innovations which was acquired in 2014.

Topic: Merging ecommerce, machine learning, and SaaS metrics for a more personalized shopping experience.

Fishing is the largest leisure activity in the word (2 time larger than golf), but has been slow to adopt best in class ecommerce practices and transfer brick and mortar sales to online platforms. We've introduced a shop-by-lake concept with industry specific Saas utility - not just because we think it's important for personalized ecommerce in general - but because we think it's vital to shopping online as an angler where geographic differences drastically change product relevancy.



110 N 5th St, Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN