MN Bot Makers Meetup


Time to get our hands dirty with a bot building mini-hackathon, or "Botathon" as it will be known. March and April's meetups will focus on getting together to build chatbots and showing them off. The format will follow a typical hackathon event, but spread out over two meetups. This month's meetup will start with chatbot idea pitches (no more than one minute! ⏱), followed by a chance for team formation, and then diving straight into building our bots. Next month's meetup will continue the hacking and include a demo period to show off your progress! So, if you have a project you've been meaning to build, use this as an opportunity to start making progress. Or, if you have an idea and you'd like some help, come share the idea and see if anyone is interested in helping you work on it! Feel free to develop on your own and reach out to help or be helped as needed, or form a team to build a full featured bot. Everyone of any experience level is welcome, but computers of some form are needed to build a bot, so if at all possible please bring one along! But don't fear, all you need to make an amazing chatbot these days is a web browser. If you don't know how or where to start, we got you covered 😎, and we'll get you started during the meetup! Happy botting and we hope to see you there!

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MN Bot Makers


SPPX Real World 1
475 Cleveland Ave N
St. Paul, MN