How to Create a Successful Kickstarter


Only 1 in 3 Kickstarters are successful. How do you tip the odds in your favor?

Join us for a journey through the successfully funded Kickstarter for Magic Wizard Staff. Magic Wizard Staff makes wizard staffs that actually do wizard things like shoot a 3-foot flame or billow a cloud of fog. We created Magic Wizard Staff specifically to learn how to run a Kickstarter and now we are sharing our lessons learned with you.

Come one, come all, and learn about: What products do well on Kickstarter, When to launch your Kickstarter, How to prepare for your Kickstarter, How to deliver your Kickstarter, How to keep your bakers happy in the face of everything going wrong, Come and learn from our Mistakes!

If you have ever thought about doing a Kickstarter this session is for you! Pizza will be provided


Hosted by

Modern Logic


Impact Hub
817 5th Ave S, Suite 400
Minneapolis, MN