Not Your Typical Corporate Event: Run Your Business Like a Pro!


Have you ever felt like you need to have a better grasp on your business operations & data? Or perhaps you are an established small business that needs to migrate from old Excel spreadsheets & antiquated financial systems? Or, you might be the CEO of a startup that is trying to evaluate options on how to best get started with managing your business in a world that relies so heavily on data.

Shakeeb Rahman, Manager of Software Development for Oracle Corporation, will be with us to share some insight into a toolkit Oracle provides that requires no licensing fees and can help you with your business & data management! This event will provide you with the actionable steps to create the applications to support your business both now and in the future.

And most importantly, this isn't your standard corporate networking event...this is going to be something far beyond extraordinary. Music, drinks, great food, and amazing networking opportunites!


Fueled Collective - Downtown Minneapolis
400 S. 4th St., Suite #401
Minneapolis, MN 55415