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Meetup|05/15/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|05/15/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|05/15/2019 2764|MNCodes Summit|05/16/2019 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|05/16/2019 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|05/16/2019 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|05/16/2019 49|Mac Consultants SIG|05/16/2019 64|TC Web Pros|05/21/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|05/21/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|05/21/2019 1990|Miniapples User Group|05/21/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|05/22/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|05/22/2019 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|05/22/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|05/22/2019 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|05/23/2019 2766|Ruby Users of Minnesota (RUM)|05/27/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|05/28/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|05/28/2019 701|Open Twin Cities|05/28/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|05/29/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|05/29/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|05/29/2019 2774|OpenStack Developer Coffee and Code|06/03/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|06/04/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|06/04/2019 2831|Hackers & Founders|06/04/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|06/05/2019 1237|TC Hack|06/05/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|06/05/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|06/05/2019 23|MN PHP User Group|06/06/2019 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|06/06/2019 717|Splunk.MN|06/10/2019 1413|RailsMN|06/10/2019 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|06/10/2019 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|06/11/2019 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|06/11/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|06/11/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|06/11/2019 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|06/12/2019 114|IGDA Twin Cities|06/12/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|06/12/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|06/12/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|06/12/2019 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|06/13/2019 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|06/13/2019 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|06/13/2019 322|TCQAA|06/13/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|06/18/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|06/18/2019 64|TC Web Pros|06/18/2019 1990|Miniapples User Group|06/18/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|06/19/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|06/19/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|06/19/2019 1072|MSP Django Meetup|06/19/2019 49|Mac Consultants SIG|06/20/2019 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|06/20/2019 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|06/20/2019 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|06/20/2019 2766|Ruby Users of Minnesota (RUM)|06/24/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|06/25/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|06/25/2019 701|Open Twin Cities|06/25/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|06/26/2019 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|06/26/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|06/26/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|06/26/2019 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|06/27/2019 2774|OpenStack Developer Coffee and Code|07/01/2019 2831|Hackers & Founders|07/02/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|07/02/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/02/2019 1237|TC Hack|07/03/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|07/03/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|07/03/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|07/03/2019 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|07/04/2019 23|MN PHP User Group|07/04/2019 1413|RailsMN|07/08/2019 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|07/08/2019 717|Splunk.MN|07/08/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|07/09/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/09/2019 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|07/09/2019 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|07/09/2019 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|07/10/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|07/10/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|07/10/2019 114|IGDA Twin Cities|07/10/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|07/10/2019 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|07/11/2019 322|TCQAA|07/11/2019 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|07/11/2019 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|07/11/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|07/16/2019 1990|Miniapples User Group|07/16/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/16/2019 64|TC Web Pros|07/16/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|07/17/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|07/17/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|07/17/2019 1072|MSP Django Meetup|07/17/2019 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|07/18/2019 49|Mac Consultants SIG|07/18/2019 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|07/18/2019 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|07/18/2019 2856|Midwest e-Com Conference 2019|07/19/2019 2766|Ruby Users of Minnesota (RUM)|07/22/2019 701|Open Twin Cities|07/23/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|07/23/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/23/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|07/24/2019 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|07/24/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|07/24/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|07/24/2019 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|07/25/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/30/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|07/30/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|07/31/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|07/31/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|07/31/2019 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|08/01/2019 23|MN PHP User Group|08/01/2019 2774|OpenStack Developer Coffee and Code|08/05/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|08/06/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|08/06/2019 2831|Hackers & Founders|08/06/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|08/07/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|08/07/2019 1237|TC Hack|08/07/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|08/07/2019 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|08/08/2019 322|TCQAA|08/08/2019 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|08/08/2019 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|08/08/2019 717|Splunk.MN|08/12/2019 1413|RailsMN|08/12/2019 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|08/12/2019 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|08/13/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|08/13/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|08/13/2019 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|08/13/2019 114|IGDA Twin Cities|08/14/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|08/14/2019 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|08/14/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|08/14/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|08/14/2019 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|08/15/2019 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|08/15/2019 49|Mac Consultants SIG|08/15/2019 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|08/15/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|08/20/2019 1990|Miniapples User Group|08/20/2019 64|TC Web Pros|08/20/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|08/20/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|08/21/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|08/21/2019 1072|MSP Django Meetup|08/21/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|08/21/2019 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|08/22/2019 2766|Ruby Users of Minnesota (RUM)|08/26/2019 701|Open Twin Cities|08/27/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|08/27/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|08/27/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|08/28/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|08/28/2019 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|08/28/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|08/28/2019 2774|OpenStack Developer Coffee and Code|09/02/2019 2831|Hackers & Founders|09/03/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|09/03/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|09/03/2019 1237|TC Hack|09/04/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|09/04/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|09/04/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|09/04/2019 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|09/05/2019 23|MN PHP User Group|09/05/2019 1413|RailsMN|09/09/2019 717|Splunk.MN|09/09/2019 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|09/09/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|09/10/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|09/10/2019 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|09/10/2019 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|09/10/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|09/11/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|09/11/2019 114|IGDA Twin Cities|09/11/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|09/11/2019 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|09/11/2019 322|TCQAA|09/12/2019 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|09/12/2019 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|09/12/2019 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|09/12/2019 64|TC Web Pros|09/17/2019 1990|Miniapples User Group|09/17/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|09/17/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|09/17/2019 1072|MSP Django Meetup|09/18/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|09/18/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|09/18/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|09/18/2019 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|09/19/2019 49|Mac Consultants SIG|09/19/2019 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|09/19/2019 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|09/19/2019 2766|Ruby Users of Minnesota (RUM)|09/23/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|09/24/2019 701|Open Twin Cities|09/24/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|09/24/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|09/25/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|09/25/2019 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|09/25/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|09/25/2019 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|09/26/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|10/01/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/01/2019 2831|Hackers & Founders|10/01/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|10/02/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|10/02/2019 1237|TC Hack|10/02/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|10/02/2019 23|MN PHP User Group|10/03/2019 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|10/03/2019 2774|OpenStack Developer Coffee and Code|10/07/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/08/2019 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|10/08/2019 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|10/08/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|10/08/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|10/09/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|10/09/2019 114|IGDA Twin Cities|10/09/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|10/09/2019 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|10/09/2019 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|10/10/2019 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|10/10/2019 322|TCQAA|10/10/2019 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|10/10/2019 717|Splunk.MN|10/14/2019 1413|RailsMN|10/14/2019 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|10/14/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|10/15/2019 1990|Miniapples User Group|10/15/2019 64|TC Web Pros|10/15/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/15/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|10/16/2019 1072|MSP Django Meetup|10/16/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|10/16/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|10/16/2019 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|10/17/2019 49|Mac Consultants SIG|10/17/2019 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|10/17/2019 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|10/17/2019 701|Open Twin Cities|10/22/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/22/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|10/22/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|10/23/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|10/23/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|10/23/2019 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|10/23/2019 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|10/24/2019 2766|Ruby Users of Minnesota (RUM)|10/28/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|10/29/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/29/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|10/30/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|10/30/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|10/30/2019 2774|OpenStack Developer Coffee and Code|11/04/2019 2831|Hackers & Founders|11/05/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|11/05/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|11/05/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|11/06/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|11/06/2019 1237|TC Hack|11/06/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|11/06/2019 23|MN PHP User Group|11/07/2019 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|11/07/2019 1413|RailsMN|11/11/2019 717|Splunk.MN|11/11/2019 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|11/11/2019 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|11/12/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|11/12/2019 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|11/12/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|11/12/2019 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|11/13/2019 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|11/13/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|11/13/2019 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|11/13/2019 114|IGDA Twin Cities|11/13/2019 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|11/14/2019 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|11/14/2019 322|TCQAA|11/14/2019 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|11/14/2019 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|11/19/2019 2563|Girl Develop It | Toast & Tech|11/19/2019 64|TC Web Pros|11/19/2019 1990|Miniapples User Group|11/19/2019 2343|1 Million Cups Eden Prairie|11/20/2019 1072|MSP 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