2029|Northscript Meetup|10/22/2017 2174|Cyber Security Summit 2017|10/23/2017 2209|Business Plan Basics + Open Mic Night|10/24/2017 701|Open Twin Cities|10/24/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/24/2017 2198|Minnesota IT Symposium|10/24/2017 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|10/24/2017 1292|SassMN Meetup|10/24/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|10/24/2017 2062|Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC)|10/24/2017 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|10/25/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|10/25/2017 2203|Twin Cities E-Commerce Meetup|10/25/2017 273|JavaScriptMN|10/25/2017 2140|Minnesota Venture Conference|10/25/2017 2183|From the Workshop IoT Roadshow|10/25/2017 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|10/25/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|10/25/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|10/25/2017 2205|TechBeers - Twin Cities|10/26/2017 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|10/26/2017 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|10/26/2017 2195|Emerging Technology Summit 2017|10/26/2017 2210|CoderDojo Twin Cities|10/28/2017 2148|IoTHackDay [Hackathon]|10/28/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|10/29/2017 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|10/30/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|10/31/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/31/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|11/01/2017 632|Data Shred Wednesday|11/01/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|11/01/2017 1237|TC Hack|11/01/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|11/01/2017 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|11/02/2017 22|Mac Applications SIG|11/02/2017 545|Arduino.MN|11/02/2017 1867|MN Azure User Group|11/02/2017 6|TC .Net User group|11/02/2017 23|MN PHP User Group|11/02/2017 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|11/02/2017 21|Twin-SPIN|11/02/2017 2197|MinneMUDAC 2017|11/04/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|11/05/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|11/07/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|11/07/2017 2208|Celebrating Twin Cities Tech Diversity|11/07/2017 2193|Women Who Code TC 2nd Anniversary|11/07/2017 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|11/08/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|11/08/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|11/08/2017 114|IGDA Twin Cities|11/08/2017 285|Clojure.mn|11/08/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|11/08/2017 2199|Creativity in the Service of Commerce: A Rock and Roll Perspective|11/09/2017 322|TCQAA|11/09/2017 657|PyMNtos|11/09/2017 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|11/09/2017 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|11/09/2017 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|11/09/2017 2207|Duluth Tech Hoppy Hour|11/10/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|11/12/2017 1654|Elixir MN|11/13/2017 2206|Startup Grind Minneapolis w/ Tyrre Burks|11/13/2017 1413|RailsMN|11/13/2017 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|11/13/2017 717|Splunk.MN|11/13/2017 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|11/14/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|11/14/2017 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|11/14/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|11/14/2017 408|Mobile Twin Cities|11/14/2017 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|11/14/2017 1072|MSP Django Meetup|11/15/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|11/15/2017 2080|Twin Cities Scala|11/15/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|11/15/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|11/15/2017 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|11/16/2017 49|Mac Consultants SIG|11/16/2017 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|11/16/2017 2172|Ansible at General Mills|11/16/2017 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|11/16/2017 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|11/16/2017 1299|IoT Mpls|11/16/2017 2122|Agile Day Twin Cities|11/17/2017 2173|ProductCamp Twin Cities|11/18/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|11/19/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|11/21/2017 1990|Miniapples User Group|11/21/2017 64|TC Web Pros|11/21/2017 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|11/21/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|11/21/2017 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|11/21/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|11/22/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|11/22/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|11/22/2017 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|11/22/2017 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|11/23/2017 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|11/23/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|11/26/2017 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|11/27/2017 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|11/28/2017 701|Open Twin Cities|11/28/2017 1292|SassMN Meetup|11/28/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|11/28/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|11/28/2017 273|JavaScriptMN|11/29/2017 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|11/29/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|11/29/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|11/29/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|11/29/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|12/03/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|12/05/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|12/05/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|12/06/2017 632|Data Shred Wednesday|12/06/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|12/06/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|12/06/2017 1237|TC Hack|12/06/2017 21|Twin-SPIN|12/07/2017 6|TC .Net User group|12/07/2017 1867|MN Azure User Group|12/07/2017 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|12/07/2017 22|Mac Applications SIG|12/07/2017 545|Arduino.MN|12/07/2017 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|12/07/2017 23|MN PHP User Group|12/07/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|12/10/2017 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|12/11/2017 1413|RailsMN|12/11/2017 717|Splunk.MN|12/11/2017 1654|Elixir MN|12/11/2017 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|12/12/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|12/12/2017 408|Mobile Twin Cities|12/12/2017 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|12/12/2017 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|12/12/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|12/12/2017 285|Clojure.mn|12/13/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|12/13/2017 114|IGDA Twin Cities|12/13/2017 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|12/13/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|12/13/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|12/13/2017 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|12/14/2017 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|12/14/2017 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|12/14/2017 322|TCQAA|12/14/2017 657|PyMNtos|12/14/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|12/17/2017 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|12/19/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|12/19/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|12/19/2017 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|12/19/2017 1990|Miniapples User Group|12/19/2017 64|TC Web Pros|12/19/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|12/20/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|12/20/2017 1072|MSP Django Meetup|12/20/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|12/20/2017 2080|Twin Cities Scala|12/20/2017 1299|IoT Mpls|12/21/2017 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|12/21/2017 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|12/21/2017 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|12/21/2017 49|Mac Consultants SIG|12/21/2017 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|12/21/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|12/24/2017 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|12/25/2017 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|12/26/2017 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|12/26/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|12/26/2017 1292|SassMN Meetup|12/26/2017 701|Open Twin Cities|12/26/2017 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|12/27/2017 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|12/27/2017 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|12/27/2017 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|12/27/2017 273|JavaScriptMN|12/27/2017 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|12/27/2017 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|12/28/2017 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|12/28/2017 2029|Northscript Meetup|12/31/2017 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|01/02/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|01/02/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|01/03/2018 1237|TC Hack|01/03/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|01/03/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|01/03/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|01/03/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|01/04/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|01/04/2018 545|Arduino.MN|01/04/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|01/04/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|01/04/2018 6|TC .Net User group|01/04/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|01/04/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|01/07/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|01/08/2018 1413|RailsMN|01/08/2018 717|Splunk.MN|01/08/2018 1654|Elixir MN|01/08/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|01/09/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|01/09/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|01/09/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|01/09/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|01/09/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|01/09/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|01/10/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|01/10/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|01/10/2018 285|Clojure.mn|01/10/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|01/10/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|01/10/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|01/11/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|01/11/2018 657|PyMNtos|01/11/2018 322|TCQAA|01/11/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|01/11/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|01/14/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|01/16/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|01/16/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|01/16/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|01/16/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|01/16/2018 64|TC Web Pros|01/16/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|01/17/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|01/17/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|01/17/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|01/17/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|01/17/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|01/18/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|01/18/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|01/18/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|01/18/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|01/18/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|01/18/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|01/21/2018 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|01/23/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|01/23/2018 701|Open Twin Cities|01/23/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|01/23/2018 1292|SassMN Meetup|01/23/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|01/24/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|01/24/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|01/24/2018 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|01/24/2018 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|01/25/2018 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|01/25/2018 2155|MinneHack [Hackathon]|01/27/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|01/28/2018 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|01/29/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|01/30/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|01/30/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|01/31/2018 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|01/31/2018 273|JavaScriptMN|01/31/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|01/31/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|01/31/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|02/01/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|02/01/2018 545|Arduino.MN|02/01/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|02/01/2018 6|TC .Net User group|02/01/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|02/01/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|02/01/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|02/04/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|02/06/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|02/06/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|02/07/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|02/07/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|02/07/2018 1237|TC Hack|02/07/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|02/07/2018 657|PyMNtos|02/08/2018 322|TCQAA|02/08/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|02/08/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|02/08/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|02/08/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|02/11/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|02/12/2018 717|Splunk.MN|02/12/2018 1413|RailsMN|02/12/2018 1654|Elixir MN|02/12/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|02/13/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|02/13/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|02/13/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|02/13/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|02/13/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|02/13/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|02/14/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|02/14/2018 285|Clojure.mn|02/14/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|02/14/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|02/14/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|02/14/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|02/15/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|02/15/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|02/15/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|02/15/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|02/15/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|02/15/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|02/18/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|02/20/2018 64|TC Web Pros|02/20/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|02/20/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|02/20/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|02/20/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|02/20/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|02/21/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|02/21/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|02/21/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|02/21/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|02/21/2018 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|02/22/2018 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|02/22/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|02/25/2018 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|02/26/2018 701|Open Twin Cities|02/27/2018 1292|SassMN Meetup|02/27/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|02/27/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|02/27/2018 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|02/27/2018 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|02/28/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|02/28/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|02/28/2018 273|JavaScriptMN|02/28/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|02/28/2018 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|02/28/2018 545|Arduino.MN|03/01/2018 6|TC .Net User group|03/01/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|03/01/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|03/01/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|03/01/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|03/01/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|03/01/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|03/04/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|03/06/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|03/06/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|03/07/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|03/07/2018 1237|TC Hack|03/07/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|03/07/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|03/07/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|03/08/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|03/08/2018 657|PyMNtos|03/08/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|03/08/2018 322|TCQAA|03/08/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|03/11/2018 717|Splunk.MN|03/12/2018 1654|Elixir MN|03/12/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|03/12/2018 1413|RailsMN|03/12/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|03/13/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|03/13/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|03/13/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|03/13/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|03/13/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|03/13/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|03/14/2018 285|Clojure.mn|03/14/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|03/14/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|03/14/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|03/14/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|03/14/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|03/15/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|03/15/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|03/15/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|03/15/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|03/15/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|03/15/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|03/18/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|03/20/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|03/20/2018 64|TC Web Pros|03/20/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|03/20/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|03/20/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|03/20/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|03/21/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|03/21/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|03/21/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|03/21/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|03/21/2018 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|03/22/2018 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|03/22/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|03/25/2018 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|03/26/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|03/27/2018 701|Open Twin Cities|03/27/2018 1292|SassMN Meetup|03/27/2018 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|03/27/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|03/27/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|03/28/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|03/28/2018 273|JavaScriptMN|03/28/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|03/28/2018 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|03/28/2018 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|03/28/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|04/01/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|04/03/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|04/03/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|04/04/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|04/04/2018 1237|TC Hack|04/04/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|04/04/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|04/04/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|04/05/2018 545|Arduino.MN|04/05/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|04/05/2018 6|TC .Net User group|04/05/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|04/05/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|04/05/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|04/05/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|04/08/2018 1654|Elixir MN|04/09/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|04/09/2018 1413|RailsMN|04/09/2018 717|Splunk.MN|04/09/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|04/10/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|04/10/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|04/10/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|04/10/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|04/10/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|04/10/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|04/11/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|04/11/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|04/11/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|04/11/2018 285|Clojure.mn|04/11/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|04/11/2018 322|TCQAA|04/12/2018 657|PyMNtos|04/12/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|04/12/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|04/12/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|04/12/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|04/15/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|04/17/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|04/17/2018 64|TC Web Pros|04/17/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|04/17/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|04/17/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|04/17/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|04/18/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|04/18/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|04/18/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|04/18/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|04/18/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|04/19/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|04/19/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|04/19/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|04/19/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|04/19/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|04/19/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|04/22/2018 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|04/24/2018 1292|SassMN Meetup|04/24/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|04/24/2018 701|Open Twin Cities|04/24/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|04/24/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|04/25/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|04/25/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|04/25/2018 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|04/25/2018 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|04/25/2018 273|JavaScriptMN|04/25/2018 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|04/26/2018 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|04/26/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|04/29/2018 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|04/30/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|05/01/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|05/01/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|05/02/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|05/02/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|05/02/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|05/02/2018 1237|TC Hack|05/02/2018 545|Arduino.MN|05/03/2018 6|TC .Net User group|05/03/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|05/03/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|05/03/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|05/03/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|05/03/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|05/03/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|05/06/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|05/08/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|05/08/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|05/08/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|05/08/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|05/08/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|05/08/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|05/09/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|05/09/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|05/09/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|05/09/2018 285|Clojure.mn|05/09/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|05/09/2018 322|TCQAA|05/10/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|05/10/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|05/10/2018 657|PyMNtos|05/10/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|05/10/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|05/13/2018 1413|RailsMN|05/14/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|05/14/2018 717|Splunk.MN|05/14/2018 1654|Elixir MN|05/14/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|05/15/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|05/15/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|05/15/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|05/15/2018 64|TC Web Pros|05/15/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|05/15/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|05/16/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|05/16/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|05/16/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|05/16/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|05/16/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|05/17/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|05/17/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|05/17/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|05/17/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|05/17/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|05/17/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|05/20/2018 1292|SassMN Meetup|05/22/2018 701|Open Twin Cities|05/22/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|05/22/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|05/22/2018 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|05/22/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|05/23/2018 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|05/23/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|05/23/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|05/23/2018 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|05/24/2018 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|05/24/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|05/27/2018 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|05/28/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|05/29/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|05/29/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|05/30/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|05/30/2018 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|05/30/2018 273|JavaScriptMN|05/30/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|05/30/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|06/03/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|06/05/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|06/05/2018 1237|TC Hack|06/06/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|06/06/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|06/06/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|06/06/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|06/06/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|06/07/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|06/07/2018 6|TC .Net User group|06/07/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|06/07/2018 545|Arduino.MN|06/07/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|06/07/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|06/07/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|06/10/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|06/11/2018 1413|RailsMN|06/11/2018 717|Splunk.MN|06/11/2018 1654|Elixir MN|06/11/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|06/12/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|06/12/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|06/12/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|06/12/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|06/12/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|06/12/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|06/13/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|06/13/2018 285|Clojure.mn|06/13/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|06/13/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|06/13/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|06/13/2018 322|TCQAA|06/14/2018 657|PyMNtos|06/14/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|06/14/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|06/14/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|06/14/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|06/17/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|06/19/2018 64|TC Web Pros|06/19/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|06/19/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|06/19/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|06/19/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|06/19/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|06/20/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|06/20/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|06/20/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|06/20/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|06/20/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|06/21/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|06/21/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|06/21/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|06/21/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|06/21/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|06/21/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|06/24/2018 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|06/25/2018 1292|SassMN Meetup|06/26/2018 701|Open Twin Cities|06/26/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|06/26/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|06/26/2018 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|06/26/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|06/27/2018 273|JavaScriptMN|06/27/2018 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|06/27/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|06/27/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|06/27/2018 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|06/27/2018 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|06/28/2018 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|06/28/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|07/01/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|07/03/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/03/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|07/04/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|07/04/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|07/04/2018 1237|TC Hack|07/04/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|07/04/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|07/05/2018 545|Arduino.MN|07/05/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|07/05/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|07/05/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|07/05/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|07/05/2018 6|TC .Net User group|07/05/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|07/08/2018 717|Splunk.MN|07/09/2018 1413|RailsMN|07/09/2018 1654|Elixir MN|07/09/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|07/09/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|07/10/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|07/10/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|07/10/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|07/10/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|07/10/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/10/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|07/11/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|07/11/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|07/11/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|07/11/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|07/11/2018 285|Clojure.mn|07/11/2018 322|TCQAA|07/12/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|07/12/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|07/12/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|07/12/2018 657|PyMNtos|07/12/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|07/15/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/17/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|07/17/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|07/17/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|07/17/2018 64|TC Web Pros|07/17/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|07/17/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|07/18/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|07/18/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|07/18/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|07/18/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|07/18/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|07/19/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|07/19/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|07/19/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|07/19/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|07/19/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|07/19/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|07/22/2018 1292|SassMN Meetup|07/24/2018 701|Open Twin Cities|07/24/2018 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|07/24/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/24/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|07/24/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|07/25/2018 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|07/25/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|07/25/2018 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|07/25/2018 273|JavaScriptMN|07/25/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|07/25/2018 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|07/26/2018 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|07/26/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|07/29/2018 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|07/30/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|07/31/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|07/31/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|08/01/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|08/01/2018 1237|TC Hack|08/01/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|08/01/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|08/01/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|08/02/2018 6|TC .Net User group|08/02/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|08/02/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|08/02/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|08/02/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|08/02/2018 545|Arduino.MN|08/02/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|08/05/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|08/07/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|08/07/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|08/08/2018 285|Clojure.mn|08/08/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|08/08/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|08/08/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|08/08/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|08/08/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|08/09/2018 322|TCQAA|08/09/2018 657|PyMNtos|08/09/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|08/09/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|08/09/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|08/12/2018 717|Splunk.MN|08/13/2018 1413|RailsMN|08/13/2018 1654|Elixir MN|08/13/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|08/13/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|08/14/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|08/14/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|08/14/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|08/14/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|08/14/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|08/14/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|08/15/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|08/15/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|08/15/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|08/15/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|08/15/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|08/16/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|08/16/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|08/16/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|08/16/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|08/16/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|08/16/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|08/19/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|08/21/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|08/21/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|08/21/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|08/21/2018 64|TC Web Pros|08/21/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|08/21/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|08/22/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|08/22/2018 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|08/22/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|08/22/2018 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|08/23/2018 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|08/23/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|08/26/2018 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|08/27/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|08/28/2018 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|08/28/2018 701|Open Twin Cities|08/28/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|08/28/2018 1292|SassMN Meetup|08/28/2018 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|08/29/2018 273|JavaScriptMN|08/29/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|08/29/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|08/29/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|08/29/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|09/02/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|09/04/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|09/04/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|09/05/2018 1237|TC Hack|09/05/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|09/05/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|09/05/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|09/05/2018 6|TC .Net User group|09/06/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|09/06/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|09/06/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|09/06/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|09/06/2018 545|Arduino.MN|09/06/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|09/06/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|09/09/2018 717|Splunk.MN|09/10/2018 1654|Elixir MN|09/10/2018 1413|RailsMN|09/10/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|09/10/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|09/11/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|09/11/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|09/11/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|09/11/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|09/11/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|09/11/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|09/12/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|09/12/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|09/12/2018 285|Clojure.mn|09/12/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|09/12/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|09/12/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|09/13/2018 657|PyMNtos|09/13/2018 322|TCQAA|09/13/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|09/13/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|09/13/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|09/16/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|09/18/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|09/18/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|09/18/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|09/18/2018 64|TC Web Pros|09/18/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|09/18/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|09/19/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|09/19/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|09/19/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|09/19/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|09/19/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|09/20/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|09/20/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|09/20/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|09/20/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|09/20/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|09/20/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|09/23/2018 8|Ruby Users of Minnesota|09/24/2018 720|Twin Cities Windows 8 User Group|09/25/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|09/25/2018 701|Open Twin Cities|09/25/2018 1292|SassMN Meetup|09/25/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|09/25/2018 273|JavaScriptMN|09/26/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|09/26/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|09/26/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|09/26/2018 9|Twin Cities Drupal User Group|09/26/2018 1768|Twin Cities Sports Tech Monthly Meetup|09/26/2018 2015|Minneapolis-St Paul WordPress User Group (MSPWP)|09/27/2018 60|FileMaker Pro SIG|09/27/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|09/30/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|10/02/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/02/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|10/03/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|10/03/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|10/03/2018 632|Data Shred Wednesday|10/03/2018 1237|TC Hack|10/03/2018 545|Arduino.MN|10/04/2018 23|MN PHP User Group|10/04/2018 22|Mac Applications SIG|10/04/2018 6|TC .Net User group|10/04/2018 1877|Hackers & Founders Minneapolis|10/04/2018 838|Twin Cities Drupal HH|10/04/2018 21|Twin-SPIN|10/04/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|10/07/2018 717|Splunk.MN|10/08/2018 1992|Rails.MN / Beginners|10/08/2018 1654|Elixir MN|10/08/2018 1413|RailsMN|10/08/2018 2153|Mpls Jr Devs Monthly Meetup|10/09/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/09/2018 36|Groovy Users of Minnesota|10/09/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|10/09/2018 408|Mobile Twin Cities|10/09/2018 33|Twin Cities Asterisk User Group|10/09/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|10/10/2018 29|Minnesota SharePoint User Group|10/10/2018 285|Clojure.mn|10/10/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|10/10/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|10/10/2018 114|IGDA Twin Cities|10/10/2018 657|PyMNtos|10/11/2018 322|TCQAA|10/11/2018 1579|Lesbians Who Tech HH|10/11/2018 42|Cocoaheads of Minnesota|10/11/2018 32|Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group|10/11/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|10/14/2018 38|Minnesota SQL Server User Group|10/16/2018 1993|Girl Develop It / Toast and Tech|10/16/2018 659|Twin Cities Data Visualization Group|10/16/2018 64|TC Web Pros|10/16/2018 12|TECH Masters Twin Cities|10/16/2018 1990|Miniapples User Group|10/16/2018 126|TC Maker Weekly Gathering|10/17/2018 804|Wordpress Wednesdays|10/17/2018 1671|1 Million Cups St. Paul|10/17/2018 1072|MSP Django Meetup|10/17/2018 2080|Twin Cities Scala|10/17/2018 742|Twin Cities Robotics Group Meetup|10/18/2018 1299|IoT Mpls|10/18/2018 157|Kinect User Group for Biz-zy People|10/18/2018 43|Twin Cities XNA Meetup|10/18/2018 1759|Minnesota Enterprise Mobile|10/18/2018 49|Mac Consultants SIG|10/18/2018 2029|Northscript Meetup|10/21/2018