GeoPython Week 2021

The growing popularity of python among other high-level object-oriented programming languages can be attributed to its wide application in scientific computing. Over the last few years, the energy sector has integrated python into its work processes. This implies that the application of python programming to solving geoscience and reservoir engineering problems is an invaluable skill required today.

The Geo-Python Week is a 5-day virtual course tailored towards Geoscientists that wants to learn the basic concepts of programming and scientific data analysis using the Python programming language in a format that is easy to learn and understand.

Each day of the event will address specific topic(s) where the aim is to gain skills and understanding on how to solve common data-related tasks using Python Libraries like Numpy, Scipy, Scikit Learn, Matplotlib etc.

After this course, participants would have gained adequate knowledge to get started with their journey in solving Geoscience problems more efficiently and in a reproducible manner using Python programming.

Course Outline

Day One – Introduction

Geo-exploration in transition – Values and Future

Introduction to Python, loops, Functions and Classes.


Day Two – Scientific Computing and Data Analysis in Python

Introduction to Numpy, Pandas & Matplotlib

Geospatial Analysis using geopandas and


Day Three – 3D Seismic Visualization Using PyVista

Working with Database(Sqlite)

Acoustic Seismic Wavefield and Shot Modeling


Day Four – ML techniques in Reservoir Characterization – Applications and Pitfalls

Petrophysical Analysis in Python


Day Five – Machine learning in Geosciences

Seismic Facies Prediction using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)


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May 10 2021 - May 14 2021


10:00 am - 1:00 pm



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