Setting Up Email Sequences To Convert

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About This Event:

Are you still blasting your email list? Or do you have more ambitious goals, such as offering your list subscribers services or offers that are right for them? If you’re planning on reaching your list subscribers at the right time with the right offer, this event can help you get your ducks in a row.

There is no one right way to set up an email sequence: it all depends on your audience, your offer, and your goal for a particular drip. This is why this event will focus on helping you work through an email sequence you’ll use in your business.

This can be anything from a self-segmentation drip to an onboarding sequence, to a lead magnet sequence with an offer at the end. The main goal is to make sure it’s not another event you leave with a plan to implement.


Inspiration sources: frameworks to swoon over online
What you need to know before you start mapping out your sequence
How to determine how many steps it should take to get from email 0 to the final email
What “extra” emails you can add to make your email drip more effective

About the Instructor:

Ekaterina Howard
Copywriter, Pinwheel Translations

Ekaterina Howard is an email and website copywriter helping her clients stand out in a crowded market. She uses the power of customer research to help her clients optimize their website copy, email sequences. and funnels, so that every piece of content is doing its job and bringing in results.

Ekaterina worked with a variety of clients on copywriting and copy coaching projects, bringing them such results as a 50% conversion rate for a sales sequence, or a 70% conversion rate for warm leads for a language course.

About Our Partners:

Pinwheel Translations

Pinwheel Translations helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by using the power of customer research to create engaging websites and email copy.


Apr 08 2020


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



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