Skillfully leveraging your network to land your next job

About This Event:

While online only events + networking are the new normal right now, developing + leveraging online networking skills was already one of the most effective ways to move your career forward.

If you want to take advantage of most professionals being on their laptops / LinkedIn all day as a way to gain traction in your job search or career path, WorkWell has exactly what you need. One day we will have a reason to put pants on again, but this strategy you can use now + for as long as you want to stay on your couch to make powerful career moves.

Join WorkWell coaches, Whitney and Lucy, for an evening on what they like to call couch networking. They’ve coached 800+ people into high paying tech jobs and know exactly what it takes to land both technical and non-technical roles at a company you are actually excited about!

About the Instructors:

Whitney Cole
Co-Founder, WorkWell

Whitney is the Co-Founder of WorkWell, a job search and interview skills bootcamp supporting underrepresented folks break into and thrive in the tech industry. She has coached 800+ people into high paying jobs they are excited about and knows that believing in and enjoying your work leads to a better life. While delivering the essentials of career advice, all of her coaching incorporates perspective shifting so that you are empowered to create the life you truly want.

Lucy Basta
Co-Founder, WorkWell

Lucy has had experience coaching 800+ people to land jobs in tech in Silicon Valley. She co-founded WorkWell because she believes in the gifts and competence that women and the black/brown community have to positively impact tech. Lucy is an integral Life Coach and has worked at Apple creating trainings for their teams in respect to Empathy, cultivating a culture of feedback and many other areas vital to building and sustaining an inclusive culture where everyone belongs.

About Our Partners:


WorkWell’s Founders, Lucy Basta and Whitney Cole, have coached 800+ marketing and sales professionals, lawyers, engineers, product managers, customer success and finance folks, and more to successfully land jobs in high paying tech companies, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Tesla, Airbnb and dozens of other industry leaders. They excel in supporting job seekers effectively break into tech from industries such as retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, and non-profit.

WorkWell’s programs are designed to guide clients to identify their unique value add in today’s market to land the most competitive job offers in tech. Through WorkWell’s programs, clients will create an effective job search plan, master the skill of interviewing, and build their networks to powerfully land their dream jobs, all while developing essential interpersonal skills that will empower them to thrive for the rest of their careers. Learn more about WorkWell:

Coaching has been a transformational tool in their lives and allows them to be of service to others in a deeply meaningful way. What continues to drive them is witnessing their clients develop, embody their power and flourish! They believe that a fulfilling career that pays well has a massive impact on all areas of life and are motivated to help others achieve results in this space.



Jun 10 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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