Director of Marketing & Communications

Evolving Solutions

Job Description

The Director of Marketing leads all corporate marketing efforts for both Evolving Solutions and its affiliated company, Keyva. This individual will be the senior staff member who drives the corporate branding efforts, marketing strategy, event management, lead generation programs and internal/external communications. They will be responsible for continuing the transition from event-based marketing to solution and digital marketing. He/she should identify and leverage the appropriate data to drive informed decisions and investments, to maximize lead identification and investment results.

The Director of Marketing will represent Evolving Solutions to all outside partner marketing organizations and may serve on partner councils or focus groups as needed and will have an integral role with all constituencies, both inside and outside the company, and will ensure all individuals can clearly understand who and what Evolving Solutions stands for and our capabilities (value proposition). He/she will ensure there is an appropriate digital and social presence to articulate the company’s value proposition and will leverage key social and press outlets to drive awareness.

The Director of Marketing will create plans and metrics of success for the efforts stated above to ensure optimal ROI on the budget investment and will work with internal teams to ensure they have extraordinary marketing support and plans in place to drive their key initiatives. They will provide corporate marketing strategy counsel and recommendations to the Executive Team.

This position is as a key member of the team driving the transformation of the Evolving Solutions’ core business. He/She should be forward-thinking, creative and enthusiastic about continuous reinvention. They should have the right mix of strategic vs. operational capabilities and be able to allocate time appropriately.


Job Location

Hamel, Minnesota

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3989 County Road 116, Minneapolis, MN 55340

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