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Job Description

The Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) is the heart and soul of the BETA cohort program. An equal mix of mentor, recruiter, and enforcer the EIR ensures we’re attracting the best startups into the cohort and provides the resources and support needed to deliver a high-quality experience to each founder.

The most important characteristic of the BETA team is that we always put founders first. Every decision is made through the lens of supporting our founders and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. We work quickly and efficiently to execute on our team goals and don’t let perfection get in the way of completion. We always do the right thing for our founders, partners, and community, and take time to enjoy the ride with the people we get to work with.

BETA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is “helping Minnesota tech founders succeed.” To fulfill this mission, BETA runs a series of founder-first programs and Twin Cities Startup Week. Both properties have experienced dramatic growth over the past five years, and now require the next generation of team members to ensure their continued success.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Actively promote the BETA Cohort - via marketing channels, event attendance, and general networking - to recruit approximately 25 Minnesota-based, early-stage, scalable startups annually.
  • Continue to expand BETA’s outreach efforts to communities/community leaders to increase the awareness and accessibility of the BETA Cohort to underestimated founders.
  • Implement and manage the selection process, including conducting interviews and reviewing written applications, for each BETA Cohort (two per year).
  • Score applicants and provide clear recommendations to the Executive Director.
  • Host weekly training sessions for the 12-week training portion of the BETA Cohort experience.
  • Drive active participation in the training sessions by asking good questions, sharing your personal experience, and challenging the teams to share their experiences with the topic.
  • Lead bi-weekly cohort discussions with our Cohort teams, keeping track of their wins and challenges, while connecting them with resources to advance their success, as necessary.
  • Maintain regular office hours for Cohort teams to troubleshoot issues and/or help the founders apply what they are learning as a part of their Cohort experience.
  • Take the steps necessary to produce an NPS score of 50 or higher, based on the founders’ feedback, for each Cohort.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Operations Lead to ensure that all training sessions are well attended, and that the speaker has everything they need to deliver a high-quality session.
  • Gather feedback from Cohort participants on each training session, and report back to the BETA team on ways to improve the Cohort experience.
  • Support in the recruitment of, evaluation of, selection of, and strategic pairing for other BETA programs including Showcase, Bridge, and Backers.
  • Support of BETA’s quarterly efforts to gather and document data from BETA alumni, including the company vitals and organizational updates.
  • Operate as the spokesperson with the media regarding any inquiries relating to companies in the current BETA Cohort.

Key Competencies, Skills, or Abilities:

  • Naturally inclined towards positivity and encouragement.
  • Creatively approach challenges with a growth-mindset and potential solutions.
  • A good understanding of the difference between relevant experience and an opinion, and how to share both with their founder-peers.
  • Seek, create, and confirm role, project, and goal clarity when unsure.
  • Execute with autonomy based on clear organizational, program, projects, vision/goals.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • A continuous-improvement mindset.
  • Excellent written and in-person communicator.
  • An ability to speak the language of our founders and community supporters.
  • Passion for recruiting and working with diverse founders.
  • Able to work flexible hours as needed, which may include occasional weekends and evenings.

Experience - Required:

  • Founder of a technology startup (not necessarily active).
  • Have self-assessed their founding experience.
  • Solid with project and communications tools like GSuite, Slack, Asana, Word, and Excel.
  • Public speaking.

Experience - Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of and ability to apply the Lean Startup Method and Business Model Canvas.
  • Familiar with the process of pitching to investors.
  • Familiar with cap tables, and how business decisions affect ownership.
  • A robust network of successful founders, mentors, industry experts, and venture capitalists that you want to share with BETA founders.
  • Experience hiring the first five employees in an organization.
  • Experience leading a company while it raised and closed a round of funding.
  • Experience leading a company while it was acquired or IPOed.
  • Experience burning through cash and falling flat on your face.
  • Mentoring early-stage startup founders.


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