Freelance Data Viz / GIS Developer

Visible City

Job Description

Visible City is a growing enterprise helping public and private sector clients access and interpret data to support their decision making in urban places. We approach every client question from the starting place that anything is possible.

Our team uses dynamic combinations of tools and platforms to serve clients’ custom needs. Each project demands unique combinations of the latest tools and data. Clients know they can look to Visible City as a gateway to answers about the complicated urban environments that shape their operation.

We draw on public data, subscriptions, and our clients’ internal enterprise data, as well as collecting dynamic data directly using our own methods and hardware. Depending on project needs, there are no sources, tools and platforms we won’t explore creating or integrating into our approach.

We’re looking for a Data Visualization Developer and/or Web GIS Developer to create a variety of interactive analytic tools, visualizations and maps. These products combine diverse data types and analyze diverse sizes of geography, ranging from a single commercial space to metro areas.

Skills sets desired include:

  • D3.js
  • Front End Development experience and strong Javascript skills. (React a plus)
  • Python

Ideal, but not necessary:

  • Experience with interactive mapping APIs such as Leaflet, Mapbox GL JS API, OpenLayers
  • Experience working with spatial data, PostGIS/PostgreSQL

Location and work hours are flexible. The work is increasingly global in scope. We think the team is fantastic. If interested, please send a short cover letter, summary of your background and a one-paragraph description of a project you are proud to have produced.


Job Location

St. Paul

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