Mid Level Software Engineer

SportsHub Technologies

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SportsHub Technologies, a well-funded start-up company comprised of industry veterans, is growing quickly and needs your help to build a superstar team. We have already assembled an amazing leadership group with backgrounds from ESPN, AOL, Sportradar and Liberty Media, and want you to join us to combine innovative ideas with cutting edge technology and trends to change the way people experience fantasy sports. We know what it takes to compete at the top and are excited about implementing the insights learned over the last 20 years to create new and innovative solutions in these exciting consumer markets.

Job Description: As a Software Engineer at SportsHub, you will have the opportunity to use cutting edge web technologies such as Python (Django), JavaScript (React), and related libraries to design and develop engaging fantasy sports gaming experiences.

You will be working alongside talented developers, designers and leaders on everything from backend development, database queries and algorithms, to front end interactions and experience. Your primary focus will be building next generation fantasy sports applications.

Join us in creating cutting edge applications for fantasy sports enthusiasts! You are…

  • A software engineer with 3 – 6 years of experience making and maintaining software for the web.
  • Comfortable bootstrapping a project from scratch (and if you can show us an example, that’s even better).
  • Motivated by using software tests as the primary means to ensure software quality.
  • Seeking mentorship and willing to help us get better at it on-the-fly.
  • Constantly starting side projects (or thinking about ideas for them), attending meetups, or daydreaming about programming…if not, that’s okay too!
  • Willing to walk us through some code you’ve written.

You Have…

  • Some understanding of asynchronous code execution and/or synchronization primitives.
  • Some understanding of types, particularly their application (e.g. Python type annotations, TypeScript, Flow)
  • Some understanding of how DevOps and CI/CD practices impact your workflow (bonus if you have direct experience with these)
  • Some experience operationalizing your code with a focus on reliability (via logging, monitoring, instrumentation, error reporting tools, etc.)
  • Some experience with API design both at the unit level and client/server level
  • Solid understanding of, or experience applying, caching especially with regard to caching strategies (layering, durability, etc.)
  • Solid understanding of HTTP
  • Experience building database-driven applications (schema design, relational modeling, ORM usage/pitfalls, etc.)
  • Experience using git and the pull request model in a team workflow
  • Experience creating and/or maintaining integrations with 3rd party APIs in a production environment
  • Experience with multiple kinds of testing strategies and/or frameworks
Even better if you have… Experience working with a distributed task execution system Experience with service-oriented architecture fundamentals (ex. distributed locks, resiliency patterns, internal/external authentication models) Experience implementing componentized design Experience using React on a large application Experience using GraphQL on a large application Experience using Redux (or other Flux patterns) on a large application Experience integrating with OAuth/OpenID (or similar) authentication/authorization schemes (bonus if you have implemented them) Experience with modern CSS architectural patterns (e.g. CSS-in-JS, BEM, Atomic CSS, ITCSS) You will… Implement new features and improvements with a focus on testing, reliability, maintainability, and providing the best possible user experience. Gain knowledge of best practices and tools for building reliable software on a fast-moving product team. Learn about the pitfalls (and successes!) that come with releasing software that lots of people will use, and strategies to ensure your code works reliably for as many people as possible. Have opportunities to both mentor other developers and receive mentoring yourself. Receive a competitive salary, full benefits (medical, dental, and vision, with 100% employer-paid premiums), and any hardware you need to build your ideal workstation.


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