Mid-Senior JavaScript Full-Stack Developer

Cloudburst, SBC: A Startup Studio

Job Description

We are socially minded entrepreneurs. We exist at the nexus of traditionally disparate worlds: entrepreneurial ventures and social impact organizations. Blending our inherent bias towards action with our intention for positive public impact brought us together. We quickly learned many others share our passion for this exciting space, and we have been growing since.

Our model is a startup studio. We design and build our own startup products, but also work with external entrepreneurs to help shape their vision and turn it to reality. We do this work as a Specific Benefit Corporation (SBC). Our specific benefit purpose is to: “Enable fulfilling and flexible careers in technology and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on underestimated communities.” We primarily accomplish this through our apprenticeship program. We pair up-and-coming software developers with senior technical staff (that’s you!) to provide hands-on training in a fast-paced environment.

If you have an interest in being part of rapid startup projects with a social impact underpinning, Cloudburst is for you.

THE ROLE: We believe in giving team members huge latitude in their role. We recognize that humans do the best work with the least constraints. You will not be micromanaged. You will be responsible for running your own show. We are building a top-notch team of entrepreneurial designers and developers. We work exclusively on startup projects and entrepreneurial ventures, so our team members must thrive in this environment. If operating in an environment with huge goals but limited structure frightens you, this role is not for you.

This particular role will be a technical lead on greenfield web and mobile app projects. You will work side by side with a UX Designer and Product Manager to ideate and deliver working apps rapidly. You will be responsible for all technical areas of the product: data modeling, software architecture, software development, release management, etc. You will have Junior Software team members on projects that you will be responsible for overseeing and mentoring. To summarize, you should be confident and excited in your ability to be the technical lead on rapid software projects.

ABOUT YOU - Must Have:

  • Share our passion for making technology a more diverse and inclusive space
  • Ability to thrive in ambiguous, entrepreneurial environments (and are excited to be part of it)
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript, both in web applications and Node.js environments
  • View designing applications and writing code as a lifetime craft that you are constantly honing
  • Been through the entire software development cycle (from idea to production) more than a few times
  • Eager to mentor and share your knowledge, particularly with folks going through our Software Developer Apprenticeship Program
  • Comfortable presenting complex technical concepts to non-technical folks

Nice to Have:

  • Built production hybrid JavaScript mobile apps (Ionic/Cordova)
  • Built production Angular web apps
  • Architected data models in NoSQL environments (Firebase)
  • Worked in startup environments (major bonus if you have started your own startup before)
  • Mentored or trained Junior Developers
  • Spoken at conferences and/or contributed to open source projects


Head here (cloudburststudio.com/culture) to see what working at Cloudburst is all about. We bet you will like what you see. To give you a taste: START YOUR OWN STARTUP WITHIN CLOUDBURST: You get 20% of your time to work on any project you choose. This is generally building a new startup product, contributing to open source projects, or doing pro bono work for local nonprofits. You retain intellectual property rights to whatever you do with this time. We are investing in you and your ideas.

CHOOSE YOUR COMMITMENT: You can practice your craft at whatever capacity fits your life. For some, that means 20 hours per week. For others, it is 40. Our team average is currently around 30. The decision is completely yours. Regardless of your capacity choice, you will receive the same salary and benefits as your colleagues at a prorated amount.

GET COMPENSATED FOR YOUR (EXTRA) EFFORTS: If you go above and beyond your commitment level, that will directly influence your monthly bonus. Yes, we have monthly bonuses. No more working double time for single time compensation.

WORK WITHIN YOUR SCHEDULE: You choose when you work based on your life constraints. We have core office hours during the middle of the day, but outside of that you decide when and where you will work best. We also have one work from home day per week built into everyone’s calendars. Flexibility is empowering.

TAKE THE TIME OFF YOU WANT: We have an unlimited PTO policy. Team members generally take between four and six weeks per year. We are serious about supporting one another’s passions outside of the office. And who doesn’t like extra vacation time with friends and family?

BE WELL: Attend a team wellness class at the office. Currently we have several meditation group meetings per week. Share your own wellness modalities with other team members as part of your day job. Wellness matters. A lot.


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