Principal Software Engineer

Parsec Labs

Job Description

Parsec Labs LLC has an opening for a Principal Software Engineer at its office in Minneapolis, MN to design, develop, and test operation system-level software with a focus on file, block, and object based data mobility.

Re-factor all previous middleware code to an integrated stack for control functions utilizing an internal API for all system and third party application calls. Act as an intermediary between core code functionality and the UX team for both graphic user interface and CLI.

Complete an external facing RESTful API in collaboration with engineering team. Set operation specifications, formulate, and analyze software requirements. Generate high level technical documentation and chart of the interoperability layer. Draft and finalize dictionary for all internal functions and commands. Provide assistance to the Senior Principal Engineers responsible for core code for both block and file operations.

Required education: Master of Science or equivalent in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, or related.

Required experience: 2 years in job offered, or 2 years as Software Development Engineer, Principal Software Development Engineer, Software Engineer.

Additional requirements: academic or work experience to include at least 1year of the following: (1) RESTful API, C, C++, Oracle Data Base, Python; (2) RAFT protocol, Cockroach DB and PostGres; (3) S3 API and Minio Object store. 40 hours/ week. Job site/Interview: Minneapolis, MN.

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