Senior Backend Developer


Job Description

NovuHealth is a member engagement and rewards services company partnering with health plans to improve performance by driving members to complete high-value healthcare behaviors. We combine behavioral analytics, data science, personalized communications and incentives to help health plans drive members to focus on their healthcare.

Delivered in a more efficient and effective manner than traditional rewards programs, our solutions are designed to optimize a health plan’s quality and member engagement. NovuHealth works with health care’s most innovative leaders and delivers an empowering, influential and connected experience anywhere a member chooses to engage.

We’re a growing, creative team on a mission to create educated, active and accountable consumers of the healthcare system. We have a diverse team of healthcare technologists, scientists and marketers devoted to solving real world healthcare problems.

We are looking for driven, smart and creative candidates who share our passion for optimizing the intersection of healthcare, consumer engagement, technology and innovation.

About You:

  • You enjoy working with colleagues you can rely on and learn from, and they can expect the same from you.
  • You are willing to leave your ego at the door and are open to learning from those around you, but you are also comfortable vigorously debating the right approach to solving problems
  • You value an engineering culture rooted in collaboration, humility, trust, responsibility, and learning
  • You are a self starter, willing to tackle tough challenges collaboratively and help define requirements as you go
  • You stay up to speed on new technologies and introduce them to your teammates
  • You possess 5+ years of professional programming experience. While we don't use all of them, experience in Ruby, Scala, Groovy, Python, Perl, PostgreSQL or MySql are great predictors of success.
  • You are an excellent leader, communicator and collaborator, especially with non-technical coworkers

What We're Offering:

  • Highly competitive salary
  • 100% Employer-covered health and dental insurance premiums
  • 401K with no cap on employer match
  • Yearly funds for training and conferences
  • A goal of keeping meetings to a minimum
  • A focus on quality
  • Fun and collaborative work environment

We’d Love It If:

  • You are proficient in PostgreSQL (e.g., understanding of stored procedures, triggers, CTE, query plan tuning)
  • You are proficient in Ruby, Rails and backend ETL jobs (e.g., threading and concurrency in Ruby, concurrent Rails jobs, locking and transactional best practices for long running processes)
  • You have some experience with HTTP and REST architectures
  • You have some exposure to HTML, CSS, HAML and Javascript
  • You are very comfortable with git
  • You love writing tests because tested code is better code


Skills we're looking for

Job Location

Saint Louis Park

Office Locations

5000 West 36th Street, Minneapolis, MN